Frequently asked questions:

free estimate for photo repair

How do I get a free estimate?
Email us your digital file or scan (300-800 dpi) of your photo for an estimate. We will email you the estimate within 48 hours. Once we receive the payment confirmation, we will complete the work within 10 working days. You will receive a small copy of the image for you to examine. Once you are satisfied with the work, we will send you the hi resolution file for you to make your own prints. If you would like to have a print and the image on a CD mailed to your address, we can do that for a flat rate of $15. You will receive a 5X5 or a 5X7 print and a CD with the image on the CD.

What if I do not have a scanner?
You may either have it scanned at a copy place like Kinko's, or mail us your photo. Please note: We are not responsible for any photos lost in the mail.

What kind of scan is required?
A photo sized 5X7 inches or less should be scanned in a color mode at 600 dpi.
Any image larger than 5X7 inches should be scanned in a color mode at 400 dpi.
A passport size image should be scanned in color mode at 800 dpi.
35mm slides or negatives should be scanned at 1800 dpi.
Make NO adjustments for contrast or descreening.
Save the scan in high jpeg file format.
If you have any questions, please email us at

How does your money back guarantee work?
If you are not satisfied with the small copy of the image, we will fully refund all your money back. You will not receive the high resolution image. If after you have accepted the small copy and we send you the high resolution copy, we cannot refund you the money back. We will make every effort to make adjustments to the image.

What kind of instructions do you require? We will need as much info as possible so that we can follow all your instructions to give you the proper estimate. Details for colorizing must include hair, eyes, clothing colours. If you have a photo with missing faces, or other parts, you may send us more scans of that person so that we can use it to make repairs.